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From building you a unique customer experience to increasing your service absorbtion and increasing your CSI/SSI Slipstream has you covered.

Create a one to one customer experience. Each user gets a unique version of your website
Create geo based incentives from popups, to specials to inventory pricing
Understand each users intentions with predictive analytics to increase lead conversion and customer engagement
Track the effectiveness of your conventional advertising with our proprietary geo tracking
We've got a lot more to talk about.
  • • Take back lost or orphaned service customers from national repair chains like Jiffy Lube, Firestone Pep Boys etc.
  • • Increase your service absorbtion by getting in front of 43% more in market service customers
  • • Increase your F&I bottom line by selling more pre paid maintenance and ESC VSC contracts digitally
  • • Create specials and pricing based off zip codes to drive foot traffic
  • • Decrease your dependency on third party lead providers.
  • • Get your message in front of the “72 hour” car buyer when they are looking for your competitors ORGANICALLY
  • • Weekly ROI reports to track the success and effectiveness of your messaging
  • • Get in front of twice as many mobile customers with 52x more likely click throughs
  • • Award winning platform that guarantees results
  • • Real time unhappy customer alerts
  • • Increased CSI and SSI scores
  • • Know within 15 minutes what is being said about you online
  • • Eliminate negative publicity about your dealership digitally
  • • Track the effectiveness of your traditional and conventional advertising with our proprietary system
  • • Know where all of your traffic is coming from down to the zip code
  • • Create a one to one unique experience for each individual user that comes to your website
  • • Generate more sales and conversions with our customer interaction optimization
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